• The strong group with 11 companies in 4 countries
  • HAIDLMAIR GmbH Mould Making
    The leading producer of injection moulds for
    storage- & logistics containers, pallets & pallets boxes,
    automotive & technical parts and waste containers
    Nußbach, AUT
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  • HAIDLMAIR North America
    Production and maintenance of injection moulds for different applications and service center
    Toronto, Canada
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  • HSC - HAIDLMAIR Schlierbach Company GmbH
    The young and dynamic subcontractor in the Krems yalley
    Schlierbach, AUT
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  • HTM Toolmaker plc.
    Your partner for injection moulds and tool assemblies
    Székesfehérvár, HU
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  • HAIDLMAIR Service Center Kirchdorf
    Service Center for mould maintenance and repair
    Kirchdorf an der Krems, AUT
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  • FDU Hotrunner GmbH
    Development and sales of the innovation FDU, a new hotrunner system for higher productivity.
    Frankenthal, GER
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  • dataformers
    Software engineering, conception and programming of customized software solutions
    Linz & Vienna, AUT
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    Product development, licensing, production and sale of clever and unique design production made of plastic.
    Linz - Upper Austria
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